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Issue 6: 31 March,
Dear Reader,

The day has finally arrived:

This week, the Prostate Cancer Institute will be officially launched

As you will know if you have been following our newsletters, Professor Frank Sullivan and Dr Sharon Glynn have been hard at work since last September. And this Friday, April 1st, their efforts will be rewarded as President Mary McAleese visits NUI Galway to launch the Prostate Cancer Institute. Please allow Professor Sullivan and Dr Glynn remind you of just what will be happening in Galway:

Professor Sullivan is one of the world’s leading medical experts in prostate cancer, Dr Glynn is a leading scientific one. Together, they have been working hard, Professor Sullivan as Institute Director and Dr Glynn as Director of Laboratory Research, to turn the aspiration of a Prostate Cancer Institute at NUI Galway, into a reality.

Galway University Foundation has committed to raising initial funding of €1 million for the Institute, and we, in the University and the Foundation, are proud of and excited about the work Professor Sullivan and his team will be doing. We are also very conscious of their depth of knowledge. And so we are delighted that they have agreed to share some of this knowledge through a series of regular email newsletters to friends of NUI Galway.

These brief emails feature video clips of Professor Sullivan and his colleagues talking about their work and their experiences. Over time, we believe that these short videos will build up into a valuable resource on prostate cancer. We would be delighted if you would share them with your friends, relatives and contacts. The videos will all be hosted on YouTube and links to them will be available here in your email and on Galway University Foundation's Facebook page.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Joyce

Chief Executive, Galway University Foundation.

We hope you will find our clips interesting and informative, but if you, or any of your friends or relatives have specific queries or worries about cancer, please contact your doctor or your regional or national cancer service.

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